Has the Nigerian messiah come…?


By Isa Sago/

President Muhamadu Buhari and his team have enormous task ahead of them, and also, presently in their hands. And it is true that the President is and has never been part of Nigeria’s problem as it were but obviously has a lot to deal with; taking on some people in opposition, in his government and some close to him in terms of his anti-corruption war. His body language speaks volume, and for those who took part in the sharing of public funds should better get ready for a big war.

I am convinced that the President is aware of the battle ahead – as corruption often fights back very dirty. It is a pity that it happened that of every leader Nigerians had hoped for and looked forward to leading them, it was President Buhari in their least of hearts , especially those from the south-south, south-east and north-central. But man with his limitation could not have been able to stop PMB’s coming. It was ordained by God. And for those who painstakingly supported him all along saw clear what those who did not were blinded with; false stories, character assassination, name it. Politics or no politics, Nigeria comes first, after God – and as Nigerians, we must all have learnt that in whatever we do we must play by the rules conscience , truth and honour.

With all the stories on the news about President Buhari (before the elections) I had doubt at first of his action plan and sincerity of purpose when he gets into power but as time went by it became clear to me and millions of Nigerians that maybe the messiah has come.

The President’s sincerity of purpose has started winning him over to those who never believed in him. Now that darkness is vanishing because of light which has come forth, Nigerians are praying that those who do not want the country to slip out of their manipulative hands do not frustrate the visionary leadership purpose of President Buhari’s government.

Today, as everyone hopes for the better, I urge the few Nigerians who still nurses unfounded grievances against the President (not because of anything reasonable but because of their allegiance to those who want to commandeer power perpetually and impoverish everyone, and peddle false stories) to think twice and support this government with prayers and what they can offer to make the country grow.

Now that it has dawned on those who have doubts that the President’s obvious slow pace in his first 6 months of taking over the leadership of Nigeria is however, invested in taking stock of how far Nigeria as a country is faring in leadership, governance and management of her common wealth. And his findings are beginning to yielding results because Nigerians can now see the way their country was governed in the past. From obvious reasons , it shows that for over three decades and more that the citizenry of the country lived in abject poverty, sharing of their common wealth was the only service of those in power at the expense of the tomorrow of over 170 million people. It is a pity.

Now that times are changing, and changing very fast, those in government are becoming very careful with their attitude towards governance, administration and management of public funds. This is a sign of some good things happening to Nigeria, and it clearly indicates the sign of a leadership messiah. I may be wrong or right, but time shall unfold the truth about today.