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Save the Children set up a children's area in the Delmas 33 IDP camp consisting of a tent and large, clean play area that is fenced off from the other tents. Save the Children employees play with the children, give them crayons and provide them with blocks to play with in order to alleviate some of the stress and trauma that the children have experienced since an earthquake devastated Haiti on January 12th.
For now Welcome2Nigeria does not have vacancies   full time employment, but however, you can send you resume to and we will consider it whenever there is future vacancies.

W2N is constantly readapting to meet the pressing demands and challenges of programs and because of that we are in dare need of dependable volunteers with passion for the growth of Nigeria and hunger and desire to excel to keep the growth in constant upward motion. If you are interested in rendering volunteer services and with the strong conviction to be a part of the movement do fill up the form below and we will get in touch with you soon.


Volunteer project highlights for youth-sport development


As a volunteer you will have the opportunity to educate children on core values, sportsmanship, and team spirit which is the basic and most important steps towards achieving success in life. Sports events and other games and activities will be organized by you. You will have the chance to train them on a new sport they would never have known of or seen. Through your involvement in these activities, you will become a part of the community and learn about their culture from an insiders’ perspective. Above all, you will make a difference to a child’s future.

Volunteer project highlights for creative industry development

Most youth have raw potentials and creative skills that is waiting to be unleash into the world if harnessed and developed. Helping a youth or anyone realize their full potentials and turning them into economic opportunities is great achievement. You can volunteer to deploy your creative knowledge and experience in helping us empower those in need, especially Nigerian youth.

Volunteer project highlights for community developmeny

  • Cultural preservation and development
  • Eco-tourism
  • Infrastructure
  • Education
  • Health, etc