Partnership Bodies



Non- Governmental organisations are our dependable partners. Their involvement with us is strategic to the success of our numerous programmes – at the local, national and international levels.

Our collective efforts is important to actualizing our common goals to making Nigeria economy self sufficient. Our partnership efforts enriches us in the following ways:

  • develop dependable alliances;
  • ensure timely delivery of programmes and monitoring impacts;
  • empower our visibility and brand presence at strategic places to sustain top-of-mind awareness and enlightenment;
  • assist reach-outs to beneficiaries of our programmes at all levels;


Our major partners are public institutions because they are the ones with the key mandate to design policy framework that would reshap the future of Nigeria and ensure the improvement of the quality of lives of every citizenry. It is on this ground we consider our partnership with public institutions key to meeting our objectives and goals. Due to the Nigerian priority in projects, government institutions; ministries, departments, agencies at the national, state and local levels are our key partners because our vision and mission for a great country is is our focus.


Media organisations, both print and electronic plays a major role in the promotion and sustaining of our programmes and corporate brand identity. For us to be able to reach-out timely and engage with people positively and the same time been able to educate a wide range of publics on vital life-changing information we must partner with the diverse community of media and communications platforms.


We hope to launch variety of national network to drive the objectives and focus of Welcome2Nigeria initiatives.



Welcome2Nigeria cooperates with a wide variety of Private Sector partners such as business enterprises, including small and medium-size firms, national, international and multinational corporations, philanthropic and corporate foundations, financial institutions and private individuals to carry out its vast mandate.

Current partnerships with the Private Sector range from fundraising to strategic partnerships. Welcome2Nigeria is an official partner in a large number of collaborative relationships with the Private Sector intervening in various degrees from being involved in programme delivery arrangements, providing policy guidance, technical assistance and expertise, to playing a strong role in promoting its core ethical and programmatic values through advocacy and awareness-raising.