Project Consultancy


Welcome2Nigeria consultancy services has direct impact on overall operations, public service efficiency, growth and acceptance . We understand these issues and recognize the need in helping to re-shaping and straightening of public policy towards the need of thhe people and closing leakages, wastage and gaps that forestall national growth.

Our services are  flexible and adaptive to the needs and aspirations of the people of Nigeria. In our role in providing consultancy services, we understand the key sustainable growth issues that public force influence will vary across different sectors of the economy and from one state to another, region to region.

Our team is made up of highly experienced and discipline Nigerian enthusiasts, who are determined to reshaping the future of the country regardless of the personal sacrifices they would have to undergo to implementing the goals of this initiative, and based on their determination, conviction and qualification, they deliver on complex issues of national importance, proffer solutions to critical administrative, policy and action programmes in in the private and public sectors – across local, state and federal levels and diverse sectors of the economy.


Welcome2Nigeria is committed to delivering real improvement to the quality of life of Nigerians and bettering the country through the provision of a number of key consultancy services:

  • Project Formation – Identify opportunities for Nigeria where new technologies can be harnessed to launch new economic value-chain and ventures and laying foundation for a bright start.
  • Public Forces – Select and achieve for MDAs, NGOs and private sector unrivaled public value levels by using the relevant people-oriented care systems and technologies.
  • ST & I and Project Support and Management – Define an ST & I zero-to-top development process  that will help to optimize the value chain that connects key sectors of the economy with the best combination of home-grown technologies. In Project Management –  we support in the development and delivery of people-oriented projects on time and within budgets by ensuring professionally defined project scope and efficient management of resources and stakeholders
  • Infrastructural Development