Protecting Nigeria’s wild and the environment

    By Isa Sago
    There is no gain saying that our institutions have failed woefully in the past years in their efforts to secure the beauty , history and the rich values of the country. What we owe ourselves is the protection and preservation of those things that illustrates our uniqueness or sets our country apart from others.
    Let’s take for instance the regulatory institutions for wildlife and environment in Nigeria. From your angel of hearts do you think they have tried in their mandate? No! They have not help abated the destruction of our environment and the wild.
    Do you know that presently Nigeria does not have much animals in the wild anymore. In fact, they have all been eaten up. From bush to bush, they have been hunted down and savoured as local delicacies – known as bushmeat. Chop-chop nation! We like eating and don’t want to build. Worst still, constituting obstacles on the way of those who want to. I remember a story told to me by a chap. According to him, he said a wildlife activities who was fond of embarrassing hunters and villagers because of their penchant for bushmeat had an encounter with with pounded yam, eguisi soap- lavishly prepared with bushmeat. After eating the food, they started blackmailing him as a bushmeat marketer. He was pressured to changed the course of his campaign but he refused. Eventually the locals almost had him for lunch but for God. This I was told happened in small village at Ugeb – south-eastern part of Nigeria. After succeeding in eating all the animals in bush and none was left, they turned to the activist. Of course, not an achievement to say the least.
    Hunting is legal and permissible to extent the law regulating such activity or game prescribes. There is nothing bad in the eating of bush meat but there has to be regulation and stiff penalty or punishment on anyone on a random chase and eating up of bush animals anyhow. It should not be that any squirrel or antelope that shows up ends up in the pot.
    The wild is the better part of the beauty of the environment of any country that houses the pristine values of nature – spanning rare species of animals, birds, plants and varieties of uncommon creature.
    The information now is that since no more animals in the bush, plants are next. Needless to stress that our lands are now barren. The near absence of kerosine and cooking gas has diverted total attention to the beauty of nature. Lands are been exposed out of their shades. Trees are been fallen and used as wood and charcoal for cooking.
    We must not because of hardship destroy those things that could fetch us wealth through research, experience and adventure.

    Isa Sago is the Founder/Executive Secretary
    Welcome2Nigeria Initiative