What We Do



We initiate, plan, implement, coordinate, evaluate and monitor programs and activities that are specifically tailored along the needs of the people and country with the aim of bridging the socio-economic gaps through fostering the promotion of innovative ideas that impact on lives through domestic and global partnership.

We are determined to pursue and achieve sustainable development goals with the view to
creating employment, wealth and impacting growth on the country.

WHAT WE DOWe stimulate positive change to engendering economic diversification, social tolerance, peaceful co-existence and integration amongst Nigerians as the tool for enhancing the

well-being of the people – collectively working to achieving a better future.

We are sensitive to the collective aspirations of the people of Nigeria and strongly believe in the peaceful co-existence of the people of the country; though, deeply diverse in identity but uniquely common in needs, aspirations and expectations.

Welcome2Nigeria is committed and determined to protecting the interest of Nigeria and of her citizenry against any form of attacks anywhere in the world.
W2N Nigerians


W2N USPWelcome2Nigeria is a domestic and international pro-Nigeria and people brand that advances the causes of over 180 million Nigerians of different backgrounds (at home and in the diaspora) and supports institutions at all levels towards the accelerated development of the country.
The magnitude of the Welcome2Nigeria initiative serves the common interest of all, for the good of the country, it connects with the expectations and aspirations of every Nigerian for a better life and prosperous country, and it’s essence is a key factor that positions uniqueness as a true Nigerian brand that must be supported at all levels.